10 Leadership lessons for Nepal’s politicians by Nepal Cricket/Football team

Our politicians governing this country should take a class on leadership from our young and dynamic Nepal football & cricket team (Nepal uniters). नेपालीमा पढ्नुहोला

Nepal’s cricket and football team can teach our politicians …

  1. How to create history.
  2. How Leadership is all about delivering. (not just complaining or blaming others)
  3. How to create a win-win environment.
  4. How to win the hearts and minds of Nepalis world-wide even when losing.
  5. How to work together as a team despite personal rivalries.
  6. How to succeed with extremely limited resources.
  7. How if only we Nepali start uniting, impossible becomes very “possible”!
  8. How meritocracy is the best way to create success. (Selection on merits regardless of their education, ethnicity, age, economic & geographic background).
  9. How youths are not just the future, but the “present” of Nepal.
  10. How to bring glory to our country.

A huge bow from me to their leadership!

Here’s some video clips showing Nepali fans (the new generation!) are welcoming back our heroes. We should keep doing this every time our team comes back home representing Nepal honorably.


and the football teamfootball team fans

football team welcome

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