This might just save you, if you are in Kathmandu

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Subject: Lets join 13th Earthquake Safety Day 2011
13th Earthquake Safety Day (ESD) Program Activities.

This year, 13th ESD National Program being organized with the variety of activities as listed below. You are requested for your active contribution in institutional as well as personal level for the cause of upholding mission of making Neplali communities safer from Earthquakes;
• Earthquake Safety Memorial Meeting at earthquake memorial in Kathmandu (Bhugol Park- 11:30 am).

• Awareness Rally (march along the streets) with display of earthquake safety messages in placards and banners (Jan 16 – 12:00 pm from Bhugol Park).

• Earthquake Safety Day Main Program: mass meeting with the participation of high level government officials, UN agencies, donor agencies, national/international NGOs, academic institutions and the public (Jan 16 at 1 :15 pm at Basantapur Dabali, Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu).

• Nationwide drill on Duck, Cover and Hold (Jan 16 at 2:24 pm)

• Earthquake Safety Exhibition: demonstrating earthquake safer construction technologies, knowledge and skills required for earthquake safety, initiatives for earthquake risk reduction by different agencies. Demonstration of Shaking Table Test with 1:10 scale building models with and without earthquake-resistant elements showing how buildings damage during earthquakes (on Jan 18 at 12:30 pm), street drama on earthquake safety, demonstration of fire drills, search and rescue etc. are other attractions of the Earthquake Safety Exhibition (From Jan 16 – 19).

• Earthquake Safety Walkathon (Jan 22 at 8:30 am – starts from Basantapur Dabali, Hanuman Dhoka, Kathmandu):

Let’s Enhance Earthquake Safety in our Communities!!!
Let’s make Disaster Resilient Nepali Communities!!!


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  1. Nepal will be in really big trouble if people don’t understand the grave danger of earthquakes. Just because we haven’t had a big one in 20 years mean we will escape “the big one”, because let’s face it–plate tectonics don’t wait for anyone, and the Indian plate is constantly pushing onto the Asian plate (they have for the last 70 million years). People need to be proactive than (disastrous) reactive

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