Get this inspiring 50-page book on Nepali Entrepreneurship for free

How would you like to get an inspiring 50-page book on Nepali Entrepreneurship for free?

The excellent team of Entrepreneurs for Nepal ( I am its co-founder ) have been working for the last 6 months to bring you an updated book about Nepali Entrepreneurship. And it’s free ! I believe it is inspiring, useful and an easy read. And It will provoke you, in line with my personal philosophy of provoking Nepalis to change Nepal. (Click on image to download)

Book on Nepali Entrepreneurship

E4N Handbook ( Version 2.0 -size is 1.5 Mb). Click on this link to download and share.

(If you cannot click it, copy/paste the link on a browser window)

Backup link

I want you to actively share this pdf document with your friends, students, colleagues and family who may find this inspiring and useful. Email them now, Share the link in Facebook, twitter and even upload it in your blog or favourite website and share the link with the world.

If you have questions or problems with downloads, feel free to ask here or visit E4N website.



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