Nepal Airlines: break it down and sell it in parts.

When you have a brand that is only “negative”. When there is very little trust in your brand and no hope from management that it will change its services, my solution is to break this brand up in bits, and sell the scraps ! you can’t fix a flawed direction unless you turn 180 degrees.

Nepal Airlines is a brand that is stinking so much that it is disreputing the brand of even other airlines in Nepal. How about, selling all its remaining planes to private airlines, and shut down the company. Sell the posh real estate it owns in New Road and other expensive operations to finance the selling or loans it still has.

What will Nepal lose ? A chance for nepalese Politicians for a free ride for the near future. And a couple of hundred jobs.

What will Nepal gain? A chance for more efficient, and reliable private airlines to take over and give us the service we deserve. If USA doesn’t have a national carrier, why does Nepal need one?

I bet Buddha Air could take over international Airlines operations pretty smoothly, and Yeti Air could take over the national operations of Nepal Airlines much more smoothly. And there are dynamic entrepreneurs waiting to turn it around if given the chance. People who have the zeal, and the capacity to turn troubled companies around !

(Premise- I just rode back from Phaplu, Solukhumbu to Manthali in Ramechap on a 18 minute Yeti airlines flight  on a 7 seater pilas porter plane so that I could get back to Kathmandu in a day. Previously, I had been waiting for Nepal Airlines for 4 days, who didn’t care much about the sense of urgency.  And no, the weather was perfect ! – so no excuses)

Other government owned companies that needs to broken off and sold off to young dyanmic teams of socially responsible entrepreneurs are:

Nepal Telecom

National Trading Corporation.

Nepal Oil Corporation

Pashupati-nath Trust

Give them a chance (and hold them accountable ! .. Yes it is as simple as that)

I welcome your thoughts and alternatives below !

2 thoughts on “Nepal Airlines: break it down and sell it in parts.

  1. Maybe you should focus on Buddha Air. I truely believe Buddha Air will rise high and replace NAC as the quality international airlines of Nepal.

  2. Hello Ujwal. I have been reading your comment about Nepal Airlines (NAC) carefully knowing that I have in my project box ( I am a brand designer) a very cool branding project that was supposely destinated to NAC. I have been trying to get in touch with the head management of NAC in vain and finally dropped the plan. Its incredible how brand careless come companies can be nowedays, especially airlines. Is anyone around in Nepal (or somewhere else) that do not see the business potential there !!… maybe when the market will be totally controlling by Qatar Airways and others… NAC will definitively dissepear from radars. Its a shame for Nepal Aviation (whom I know and have visited before). You can always contact me or keeping me posted if some major moves will occur in the sector @ : remych@yahoo.comrnrnBest regards from France !!rnrnRemy

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