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Nepal Airlines: break it down and sell it in parts.

When you have a brand that is only “negative”. When there is very little trust in your brand and no hope from management that it will change its services, my solution is to break this brand up in bits, and sell the scraps ! you can’t fix a flawed direction unless you turn 180 degrees.

Nepal Airlines is a brand that is stinking so much that it is disreputing the brand of even other airlines in Nepal. How about, selling all its remaining planes to private airlines, and shut down the company. Sell the posh real estate it owns in New Road and other expensive operations to finance the selling or loans it still has.

What will Nepal lose ? A chance for nepalese Politicians for a free ride for the near future. And a couple of hundred jobs.

What will Nepal gain? A chance for more efficient, and reliable private airlines to take over and give us the service we deserve. If USA doesn’t have a national carrier, why does Nepal need one?

I bet Buddha Air could take over international Airlines operations pretty smoothly, and Yeti Air could take over the national operations of Nepal Airlines much

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Few good things happening in Nepal

Lately amid all the gloom and pessimism, haven’t been thinking of much of good things happening in Kathmandu (not Nepal, just Kathmandu)

I have absolutely no idea how people’s life is faring in the rest of the country since very rarely the media, the politicians , you or me  care about them : I admit my guilt here).

so here is a positive thing that i am seeing from up-close (and contributing in some of them).

1) “West Seti Hydro is still trying to build a 750 MW hydro-electric project in the remotest part of Nepal (shunned by rest of Nepal) despite the shit that are being thrown at them by greedy politicians, desperate locals, zealot NGO’s and depressed bureaucracy and “not many qualified manpower left now”. Its been nearly what 12 years now they are trying despite all odds.

2) “Entrepreneurs for Nepal” a young group of entrepreneurs, most of them returnees from USA have been meeting every month to help other young entrepreneurs in startup tips. (Here is the facebook group)

3) People like Bijaya Shiwakoti have been helping answer travelers questions that promotes traveling

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positive news media

Is there a niche market for “positive” media in Nepal?

In Nepal, every news (newspaper, online, TV, radio and other media) veers towards negative. Scan the newspapers, turn on your television. You will get plenty of proof. Why? Believe me when I say, it is not because there are not positive stories, personalities or work being done now. There are plenty! but media sanitzes us by feeding us sensationalized news, negative and gossip.

Amidst all this doom and gloom (or so it seems), here is my analysis.  There is a great opportunity for an all positive news” media.  An empowering media which lists current events that are positive and have potential to inspire us .

We could do with more positive stories of:

  1. rags to riches stories of Nepali
  2. social entrepreneurs success and failures
  3. street entrepreneurs of urban centers
  4. risk-takers in different professions
  5. community activists stories
  6. Community successes
  7. discussion transcripts between youths on sociopolitical issues
  8. mentor-ship events
  9. Networking events and fund-raisers.
  10. stories of Nepali uniting with each other on community to international level
  11. adventure stories in Nepal
  12. Nepali traveling in Nepal.

Add more to this list!
A Nepali positive news media anyone ?