Goa of India, Pokhara of Nepal: co-branding.

India has Goa. More than a million travelers come to Goa alone every year. Whole of Nepal only has half a million visitors right now. But we have Pokhara !

Goa has an international airport. Pokhara could have one… here is a scenario:

How about linking Goa and Pokhara directly by air flight. Travelers would see such contrasting differences within a flight of 3 hours that it would be mind boggling. From relaxing in sunny beaches to sunny boating in the lakes of Pokhara amidst the highest mountain ranges in the Annapurna mountains.>

What travelers want is accessibility. The missing part of the puzzle in Pokhara is just that. It has hotels, infrastructure, beauty, adventure, hospitality etc. It needs the co-branding. (Goa could be perfect). Tie in with an established tourist hot spot that compliments it by building an International Airport.

Tag-line: Come Sun-bathe in the beaches of Goa , party hard and then fly off to watch the highest mountains in the world while boating in a lake. Then raft down for some adventures in in Seti and Marsyangdi river and top it off elephant riding and rhino watching nearby Chitwan and then back to the beaches of Goa with some more crazy parties to top it off.

This is one way to stimulate our  travel and tourism brand and to bring one million visitors to Nepal in Visit Nepal 2011. Another co-branding: between Lumbini and Bodh Gaya in India? What do you think ? Have your own ideas. Post them below!

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5 thoughts on “Goa of India, Pokhara of Nepal: co-branding.

  1. I like your idea of lumbini as an international airport. btw why can't we have 3 international airports. there is no reason why we can't. Money invested can be recouped. I am sure.
    thanks for the response.

  2. I would love to have 3…may be even more. We could use an international airport in the farwest too. I guess money would be the problem. The money could be recouped, but getting the money in the first place seems difficult, at least for now.

    By the way, I was wondering about the situation in Nepal for entrepreneurs. I am coming home in june, and want to start a business. But looks like it will be very tough; even tougher than it used to be. Is there any specific problems besides the regular problems like political situation, load-shedding etc. that you are facing.

  3. DO you think it would be a better idea to have a international airport in Lumbini?
    It could help facilitate trade etc. And also help connect the most productive part of Nepal (terai) with the world. Pokhara is also a good idea, but it is close to KTM so maybe it could be connected via KTM.

    I like your Pokhara Goa connection, though.

  4. You've good ideas. Particularly this idea about co-branding Pokhara with Goa (and or some other similar city nearby) is interesting.

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