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Goa of India, Pokhara of Nepal: co-branding.

India has Goa. More than a million travelers come to Goa alone every year. Whole of Nepal only has half a million visitors right now. But we have Pokhara !

Goa has an international airport. Pokhara could have one… here is a scenario:

How about linking Goa and Pokhara directly by air flight. Travelers would see such contrasting differences within a flight of 3 hours that it would be mind boggling. From relaxing in sunny beaches to sunny boating in the lakes of Pokhara amidst the highest mountain ranges in the Annapurna mountains.>

What travelers want is accessibility. The missing part of the puzzle in Pokhara is just that. It has hotels, infrastructure, beauty, adventure, hospitality etc. It needs the co-branding. (Goa could be perfect). Tie in with an established tourist hot spot that compliments it by building an International Airport.

Tag-line: Come Sun-bathe in the beaches of Goa , party hard and then fly off to watch the highest mountains in the world while boating in a lake. Then raft down for some adventures in in Seti and Marsyangdi river and top it off elephant riding and rhino watching nearby Chitwan and then back to

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10 tips to know while starting your own business

We (as part of the Entrepreneurs for Nepal group) have compiled a series of tips and lessons about starting your business, which is taken from established Nepal based entrepreneurs speaking at the Entrepreneurs for Nepal forum. Here are first in hopefully what will be a series. (downloadable pdf version at the end of the article)

1. Success takes patience. Min Bahadur Gurung waited almost for a decade before he expanded his one-room cold storage shop to a small department store, which then went on to be today’s Bhat Bhateni Supermarkets at more than one locations.

2. Know yourself. Karna Sakya has devised a test that helps you find out how you work, how you value time, and what your values are. His point is that unless you really know what you are good at, and how you function, you are not likely to be a success.

3. Know the strength of others you are working with. You can’t do everything by yourself. Icchya Raj Tamang of Civil Group says that working well on a team is a function knowing and using the strengths of other team-mates toward your goals.

tourism etiquette for a village in Nepal.

Just returned from a trip around remote villages in Nepal and here’s some tourism etiquette for village development through tourism in Nepal.

  1. It is people who make all the difference to a traveler.. So It is you who will make a travelers moment beautiful or boring.
  2. Share what you have got, share cleanly. share openly.
  3. Make it easy for guests to come in to your house and village and easier to leave (not harder).
  4. Give generously, and you will receive in kind.
  5. Treat guests like gods, and blessings (rewards) will flow in return.
  6. Clearly label directions, sign boards, titles well ( please spell-check, it isn’t that difficult, is it? just ask the tourists… )
  7. Take a simple initiative. Interact with travelers…even a “Bonjour, or “hai” or a “Namaste” or a “how are you?” helps tremendously !
  8. Don’t beg, don’t teach your children to beg. Do teach them how to sell with dignity (i.e small entrepreneurial efforts).
  9. Every village is unique, they don’t all come here to see Mountains, or rivers. Try to sell what you have, not what you think they will buy. Tell stories about your products. Stories create a world of difference.
  10. Maintain your village pavements and trails. Well-managed trails

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