25 inspiring friends who are quietly making impact in Nepal

(These is just a small list and just my list. Please note there are thousands more that I don’t know or haven’t added. Please feel free to add your own list. lets appreciate good works and good people where-ever they are…) 

Bijaya Shiwakoti, Rabindra Maharjan, Vidhan Rana help coördinate Santi School project by building and running a school.

Sailesh Dhungana and friends have built a network, “Bikalpa” encouraging youths to get into responsible leadership career in politics and bureaucracy.

Ashutosh Tiwari, Jaya Burathoki, Sanjib Subba, Sagar Onta and friends are creating platforms for entrepreneurs who network, share contacts, seek advice and potential investments through Entrepreneurs for Nepal.

Hemendra Bohra is making an eco-friendly earth quake resistant house made of mud. No cements! Sorry no photos yet !

Ajaya Shiwakoti and friends are coordinating a Nepali youth pressure campaign to pressure politicians to concentrate on their job.

Kanchan Jha and his group are organizing an anti-drugs campaign in remote part of Eastern Terai region through Sano Paila.

Mona Aditya, Nimesh Ghimire , Pukar Malla and team is busy putting up a youth network called “Nepal ko Yuwa” giving a networking platforms for youths in and out of Nepal

 Sattya Media Arts Collective  is networking the artists and creatives together through their art initiatives,and positive media through Vent Magazine

Subhash Ghimire and friends are building a peace school building initiative in a remote part of Gorkha.

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati and Bhushan Shilpakar and team creating soon to be world-class Nepali photographers through their guerilla initiatives, “Photo.Circle

Richard Bull in helping pioneering projects in “Die Nepal Bandh Die“, which was successful in helping bring thousands of people on May 6th 2010, Anti-Bandh rally in Basantapur, Kathmandu. His blog here. He also promotes the Great Himalayan Trail, an exciting all Nepal trekking trail through magnificent places you never knew in Nepal.

Robin Sitoula, Manish Jha with their dynamic team creating a new generation of youths who believe in entrepreneurship and a Nepali’s right to prosperity

Keshar Khulal (assistant Principal) still holds a clean inspiring reputation as an effective administrator/teacher/mentor at Budhanilkantha School after returning twenty years ago from the UK to teach back at the school he studied, fulfilling his promise made to his high school.

Julie West started theredsari.com project creating opportunities for small nepali business out of nothing.

Rabindra Mishra and team at Help Nepal Network are helping fund education and other grassroots initiatives in rural Nepal

Bibhav Acharya and his excellent volunteer team in Nyaya Health initiatives providing critical health services in Accham, remote western Nepal while keeping a transparent lean administration.

Nepali Bloggers and Face-bookers such as Nepa.li, Red Nepal, Nepali keti, guffadi, many Facebook and twitter friends and more…who bring critical thinking to the rest of us…

Do Add your friends and their projects to this list below!

If you want me to cover some one who has inspired you and a few other Nepali, do let me know by writing to me at uj@whynepal.com


16 thoughts on “25 inspiring friends who are quietly making impact in Nepal

  1. Thank you for your addition ! Keep adding your list of inspiring Nepalis !

  2. You have not added nepali writers. Yuyutsu Sharma and Bhuwan Thapaliya are making nepal famous all over the world through their poems. Check them out . Google them

  3. ujwal dai! these are not enough,there are lot more people who without their websites,blogs,media support are creating differences in the lives of many……i hope u get them here…

  4. I know you are. I choose to keep you in the list so that I can get yourninspired again to inspire me again.

  5. Thank you for sharing your own list of influential Nepalis. I recommend readers to look here too.

  6. Maybe it did ! 🙂 I felt, It is easier to share and follow the progress of these individuals and their efforts through Facebook. I see more impact on their work this way

  7. Why do all links have to go to Facebook? Did Facebook pages overtook personal/company websites?

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