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25 inspiring friends who are quietly making impact in Nepal

(These is just a small list and just my list. Please note there are thousands more that I don’t know or haven’t added. Please feel free to add your own list. lets appreciate good works and good people where-ever they are…) 

Bijaya Shiwakoti, Rabindra Maharjan, Vidhan Rana help coördinate Santi School project by building and running a school.

Sailesh Dhungana and friends have built a network, “Bikalpa” encouraging youths to get into responsible leadership career in politics and bureaucracy.

Ashutosh Tiwari, Jaya Burathoki, Sanjib Subba, Sagar Onta and friends are creating platforms for entrepreneurs who network, share contacts, seek advice and potential investments through Entrepreneurs for Nepal.

Hemendra Bohra is making an eco-friendly earth quake resistant house made of mud. No cements! Sorry no photos yet !

Ajaya Shiwakoti and friends are coordinating a Nepali youth pressure campaign to pressure politicians to concentrate on their job.

Kanchan Jha and his group are organizing an anti-drugs campaign in remote part of Eastern Terai region through Sano Paila.

Mona Aditya,

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