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Crisis Management Experts, newly acquired skill sets for Nepalis.

come to think about it… for an software development firm like ours, this past 6 months been quite an experience.

  • “survived a 16 hours a day without (grid) electricity, operating an IT firm “
  • “made it through getting drinking water supplies from taps that open for 1 hour every 4 days” “
  • “everything and everybody is at least 15% to 30% more expensive since 6 months ago”
  • “taking 3 to 6 months to find/hire a single web developer”
  • “having one of the most expensive internet service in the world and the most unreliable mobile services”
  • ” going through almost every single day a political strikes, city shutdowns and road stoppages for the last 6 months” (see www.nepalbandh.com for proofs)

As an entrepreneur I say , this has been quite a bountiful experience for me and made me into “a guerilla crisis management expert” .
“If I survived this, I can now survive anything.”

    I bet a lot of the entrepreneurs here in Nepal can now be classified as” a crisis management expert” ,

    Maybe its time to market that skill set too in your resume, if you ever needed to.