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Crisis Management Experts, newly acquired skill sets for Nepalis.

come to think about it… for an software development firm like ours, this past 6 months been quite an experience.

  • “survived a 16 hours a day without (grid) electricity, operating an IT firm “
  • “made it through getting drinking water supplies from taps that open for 1 hour every 4 days” “
  • “everything and everybody is at least 15% to 30% more expensive since 6 months ago”
  • “taking 3 to 6 months to find/hire a single web developer”
  • “having one of the most expensive internet service in the world and the most unreliable mobile services”
  • ” going through almost every single day a political strikes, city shutdowns and road stoppages for the last 6 months” (see www.nepalbandh.com for proofs)

As an entrepreneur I say , this has been quite a bountiful experience for me and made me into “a guerilla crisis management expert” .
“If I survived this, I can now survive anything.”

    I bet a lot of the entrepreneurs here in Nepal can now be classified as” a crisis management expert” ,

    Maybe its time to market that skill set too in your resume, if you ever needed to.

    Top ten challenges with human resources in Nepal

    So here is a  list of challenges faced while managing associates while running Digital Max Solutions, a Website development company and an online branding firm.

    1) People take the job as a training first – execution of their responsibilities second(they are less inclined to feel responsible for their jobs). So tell them bluntly about this distinction when you hire them.

    2) Competent manpower are hard to retain for more than a year. Expect short term. Build for mid term, hope for long term. Try calling employees —> associates. Show them you mean that. It may make all the difference.

    3) Some people work hard to impress you during the early months of their career with you, and then once they win your trust, start slacking off noticeably (intentionally /unintentionally). So build regular incentive packages and compare their contribution with new people regularly (through statistics, earnings etc)

    4) In Kathmandu, you would have to invest most of your resources on infrastructure management, insurance and backup/security of the infrastructure, leaving not much resources for human resources trainings and career development. The only option here is build environment where they can learn

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