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progress of a country indicator: Gross self esteem

My question is whether progress of a prosperous society or country is measured by gross esteem indicator (self worth).

The so called first world countries have comparatively lower rate of eligible voters actually voting.
Are they actually lazy, unconcerned, unpatriotic?

Now look at the poor countries, such as Nepal, where every one seems to have ample “time” to vote and believe in spending a day waiting in line to “vote”.

Are they smart ? concerned? patriotic?

My take is:

In the US and Western Europe: most people try to make change happen (with or without voting). So most don’t feel voting is that special.

In Nepal: most people have too low self esteem to make change happen (so they vote — to increase their self esteem)

Voting raises their self confidence in themself, and maybe make change, but this should not be the only way to make change)

In essence this is a story between high self esteem and low self esteem

So should we be measuring Gross self esteem instead of GDP, anyone ?


Republic ? Nepal ? Gross National Happiness ?

Today Nepal becomes a Republic (or rather starts on its track.).

My main question is whether as a republic, we will have finally improve our Gross National Happiness, GNH ( and not our GDP, no not that our material wealth progress indicator.).
i.e material and mathematical analysis of GDP are just a small yet important indicator in the grand design of “Real Progress.”

“Happiness indicators” are a bigger analysis/process which needs to be factored in for “real worth-while and sustainable progress”.

I believe our “Gross National Happiness” indicator is going to define our success as a republic, in the coming years, decades.

Few indicators i would personally value to measure Gross National Happiness is:

a) respect ( am I going to respect you enough to not impose my thoughts upon you)

b) tolerance ( How am i going to treat you, if you don’t live the way i feel everyone should live.)

c) trust ( am i going to trust my daughter to my neighbor if i have to go run off to the next city to do an urgent errand)

d) love (will i value my life and be able to love myself.)

mundane points i have

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