Republic ? Nepal ? Gross National Happiness ?

Today Nepal becomes a Republic (or rather starts on its track.).

My main question is whether as a republic, we will have finally improve our Gross National Happiness, GNH ( and not our GDP, no not that our material wealth progress indicator.).
i.e material and mathematical analysis of GDP are just a small yet important indicator in the grand design of “Real Progress.”

“Happiness indicators” are a bigger analysis/process which needs to be factored in for “real worth-while and sustainable progress”.

I believe our “Gross National Happiness” indicator is going to define our success as a republic, in the coming years, decades.

Few indicators i would personally value to measure Gross National Happiness is:

a) respect ( am I going to respect you enough to not impose my thoughts upon you)

b) tolerance ( How am i going to treat you, if you don’t live the way i feel everyone should live.)

c) trust ( am i going to trust my daughter to my neighbor if i have to go run off to the next city to do an urgent errand)

d) love (will i value my life and be able to love myself.)

mundane points i have mentioned here, but holds deep significance for the new society that is to emerge.

call me wishful, but as a positive change seeker, i desire to go back to our basics, to our childhood, when all our relations were simple, positive and trust oriented.

Gross National Happiness = Simple way of life ( Simple means full, fun and un-attached–).

Simple is not hungry, poverty, dull mind, lack of progress, its just the opposite of that.
simple is hard to achieve, requires hard to achieve, quality to maintain it 🙂

enjoy, the republic of Nepal folks.

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