Entrepreneurs for Nepal ideas

here is something I posted on the Facebook group page of ” Entrepreneurs for Nepal” some time ago, and elaborated here:

Random ideas that will jumpstart our economic revolution. Some Immediate steps.

  • Have to recruit younger technocrats and remove the old ones from the National planning commission and finance and related ministries.
  • Set up YEL = Youth Entrepreneurs league (new body with powerful access to private and state banks).
  • Zero % tax on hydro power Generation and tourism. (Logic: mass employment generation)
  • Information Technology Communication and related Licenses at no costs. (Talent generation and utilization)
  • Nepal = Zero Tax center for foreign investments for 10 years. (inward investment flow and job creation)
  • BOOT model (build own operate transfer in infrastructure development and creating jobs more than 100 people).
  • 10% flat tax on all things else ( ALL THINGS). This encourages tax payment which overwhelming majority of people /companies in the country strive to avoid, right now).
  • Permanent residence (or Nepal Citizenship, if you have guts) for people investing more than a million dollars in Nepal.
  • You want wonders.. better start revamping the place.
    otherwise no more promises to make switzerland out of nepal.

If Maoists are smart, they will see how China is playing out, and act like them. Total Focus on Economy. Their politics survives on the economic revolution Now.

otherwise we can only hope for a 2 % growth again and again (which will be eaten up the huge double digit inflation). 15 years ago, I ate Samosas at 3 rupees each at Tiptop. Now it is 16 rupees each.

Be prepared for another change…or for one big repression after another!

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