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Making your case. The Last resort

Press Release of The Last Resort’s fight to keep their business alive

This is how you present your case. Click the link above to see what I mean. Simple and clear and with numbers. A pointer for all students of journalism, business reporting and Public Relations.

Also if they make one in Nepali, it helps more. Anyone want to help with the translating ? I will pass it back to them.

p.s I support their business practices. Those who don’t know who they are and what they do, view their website here.

running a business in chaos

A lot of people ask me, how and why do you run a business amidst the chaos in Nepal ?

I don’t know how to answer this directly. So here I am organizing my own thoughts to see if it makes any sense to you.

a)I temper (lower) my expectations. (if it takes 1 year else-where, it might take 5 years here).

b)I take regular breaks from work.(re-charge my batteries, go trekking,get in touch with our basics).

c)I regularly leave my businesses in the hands of capable lieutenants (delegate-empower-partner)

d) I stopped trying to change people and started accepting people for who they are. (hard for entrepreneurs to come to terms with, but has been a valuable lesson to me, concentrate on the positive – there is too much negative in Nepal to bring you down).

e) I try create environments that induces people to change themselves. (Extremely hard, but is the only way to go, if you seek to bring sustainable change – a big gamble).

f) I only stay close to relatives who are progressive and support my ‘entrepreneurship’. I run away from “Nepal sucks” relatives. I stay away from “Yestai ho” ones (those who believe in status

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