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running a business in chaos

A lot of people ask me, how and why do you run a business amidst the chaos in Nepal ?

I don’t know how to answer this directly. So here I am organizing my own thoughts to see if it makes any sense to you.

a)I temper (lower) my expectations. (if it takes 1 year else-where, it might take 5 years here).

b)I take regular breaks from work.(re-charge my batteries, go trekking,get in touch with our basics).

c)I regularly leave my businesses in the hands of capable lieutenants (delegate-empower-partner)

d) I stopped trying to change people and started accepting people for who they are. (hard for entrepreneurs to come to terms with, but has been a valuable lesson to me, concentrate on the positive – there is too much negative in Nepal to bring you down).

e) I try create environments that induces people to change themselves. (Extremely hard, but is the only way to go, if you seek to bring sustainable change – a big gamble).

f) I only stay close to relatives who are progressive and support my ‘entrepreneurship’. I run away from “Nepal sucks” relatives. I stay away from “Yestai ho” ones (those who believe in status

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