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The current state of affairs in Nepal: Time to wake up


►Nepali who have the ability to create jobs, are afraid to invest time, effort into it,
►Nepali who have wealth, are willing to go to any lengths to hide it,
►Nepali who have ideas and know-how, want to keep it to themselves either out of fear or lack of trust or because they are sucked dry by the negative environment around them,
►Nepali who want to improve but cannot because the  only ways to improve comes at the cost of taking some one else’s space (or rights, or wealth or territory or dignity)

Would you like to change this ?
or are you waiting for the day,

►When people with common sense, are forced to hide their “common sense” out of fear that they will be branded “anti-Nepali”?

What are you doing to change this environment ?

There are 2 kinds of people in Nepal right now. Those who are working to change the environment and the others are who want to wait for others to change it for them?

If you are the 2nd kind, I am sorry for you. I urge you to stop being lazy and for once

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when looters become rulers

Here is a movie theme. Begins like this:

डाकुहरु (looters) take turns looting and pillaging a village. The village is sucked high and dry repeatedly. Then a scuffle breaks out among the looters over who gets to loot and pillage the village this season!

The villagers are on their knees, begging for survival. The looters just can’t agree until the very last moment….  Meanwhile the village awaits fearfully.

Lo! A decision has been made. They have decided to let the sucked dry village live but on ONE condition only.
That they be allowed to rule the village unconditionally and with impunity, for one more year.
The villagers all agree! A sigh of relief is heard everywhere, some rejoice the breakthrough! Some are seen thanking their looters for saving  the village from “certain” disaster!
A large quiet majority sit mute, maybe out of fear or disunity. ” ke garne  के गर्ने ? “

Final scene: The Looters rule the village again while another group of looters scheme for their downfall. The villagers are glad to have survived another year ???

THE END. (This Film repeats again……and again……… and again in the Cinema hall near you )

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