Change, Change, Change

Business and innovation is affected by the external environment and that environment needs to be studied carefully and bet made on the directions it is leading.

When the situation of “hope” becomes so dry, and strained, people run for the last breath. and I feel in this breath are the words “Change, Change” Change”. At any cost !

Thats what people of Nepal voted for, when after 16 years of supposedly democratic Nepal faltered again and again. with more than 1 prime minister for every year that passed (on average), who didn’t want change !

Young and old (mostly young) are fed up with the status quo. They are willing to embrace change, even though it might lead to a treacherous path. They have not much to lose (so the people seem to feel).

Who represents change here. Only the Maoists. Every other party in the equation seems to be rooted (or rotten) in “status quo”.

while radical change brings new uncertainities, people of Nepal are willing to experiment one more time.
their hope for change is maybe change will get them “economic prosperity”. Till now its all promises, they are willing to give their support to any voice that shouts for change! that desperate the situation is.

“My village has only old women and young children. All others have gone outside to work in Arab countries. such that in one case, one young drunk and bully scares the whole village of 100 families and there are none to oppose him.
Why wouldn’t they want something different than this”

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