Fear, Fear, Fear:

“Fear” “Fear” “Fear”
Maoists used the concept of “fear” in their marketing. (( has worked in republican campaigns in the past 8 years in US.. you get the idea from george bush election wins).. effectively….

If the Republicans in USA could win the US elections using “fear” as one of their main campaign tools, Maoist have learnt a lot from them.
Fear-mongering is an effective elections tool, specially in the midst of vulnerable ones. And Nepalis are vulnerable. Poor, marginalized, helpless in most cases, you respond to marketeers of fear, the fastest, i suppose.
They used it with one simple marketing logic, one: “If we don’t win, the country is back in chaos.”

which for most people meant:

” Maoists will ask for forced donations of food and other materials that directly affect the village people and poor”

“Maoists will target us instead of the “physically stronger” government”

which led to the “better them than us” logic which translates into “better loot the crappy government in Kathmandu than us”.

Also the another logic of fear is that Maoists are here to clean a society that is decaying fast. The fear of being on the decayed side prompted many young people to vote for them. People were fearful of being in “status quo”.


which leads to a 3rd factor which many young and old people wanted:

“Change, Change, Change at any cost since we are all nearly broke anyway.”

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