Why Maoists won: in marketing sense: Concept 1 : Youth, Youth, Youth

background: I went back and stayed at my remote village in syangja for 21 days, mostly spending time between hundreds of old men and women and village youths, children and local polititicians. ( Most young men and middle aged men have gone abroad to earn money -mostly to the Middle east – Arab – countries to work as laborers). Here is my analysis

My opinions:

concept 1:

    Youth, Youth, Youth

When overwhelming majority of people in Nepal are youth, you market to them. these are your customers. on a volume based market, you selectively go for the strategy to suit the largest section of the pie. Not the old, not the rich, not professionals (they are a tiny minority).

Maoists marketed to Youth, strongly, blatently, fiercely and unashamedly
others marketed to …….zzzzzzz (unclear)

Nepali congress / UML used “status quo” and “brand image” .. bad marketing when your brand value is near zero.
They said “trust us” by acting as wise old men. The forgot young people have stopped believing in the old wise man. That is so, one generation old !!!

p.s Marketeers have to serve, not try to rule. How rude !

Maoists became “inclusive”. (i.e you can get us votes, we will make you a candidate) ( Maoists have a huge number of youths elected now)
other parties became “exclusive”. (if you are not my nephew, don’t bother or if you aren’t this close or that close to certain leaders, forget it, we don’t want you, or if you are not old enough in the party, don’t bother)

the brilliant utilization of youth in every sector of the campaign, legally or illegally doesn’t matter, for our question, made Maoists win, while others lose.

If the other parties can’t get cue from this, they will get lesser votes next elections around. Maoists are youth centric party, they will only get better in the coming days as far as vote gathering goes.

watch that!

more analysis on later blogs..

“Fear” “Fear” “Fear”
Maoists used the concept of “fear” in their marketing. (( has worked in republican campaigns in the past 8 years in US.. you get the idea from george bush election wins).. effectively…
to be continued…

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