Global Nepali Citizenship

I propose issuing a special citizenship to Non-nepali citizenship holders who qualify.Lets call it for example, Global Nepali citizenship.

Who gets it?

Let Global Nepali Citizenship be a citizenship that goes to ones who work for it. Be that  time and responsibility dependent but with full rights in Nepal. No rights without responsibilities. let it be a set of criteria that you fulfill every year. Few basics would be to obey the rule of law, help be a model citizen, and live in peace without disrupting the right of others to live in peace. (Well you get the idea)

If you can fulfill a set of responsibilities, you will even have the right to vote Nepali polititicans in and out of power. And if you don’t fulfill your list of responsibilities, you will lose your right to vote, remain inside this country and enjoy other rights of Nepalis.

When you get this Global Nepali Citizenship with full rights but time /responsibility based, I feel this ensures the overall development of Nepalis to be prosperous, forward thinking and leaders of the world. Responsibilities could include investing a certain amount of money every year, paying a certain amount of tax, engaging in “mentoring & social work” for certain time of the year.. well we can edit this list to make it attractive for foreigners yet productive for Nepal.

Call me an idealist, but I believe this is where the world is heading. with major trade blocs unifying for single visas, “European Union” being a leading example. A Global Nepali Citizenship is going to push Nepal higher on the world map.  Right?

As a start, experiment this by pitching to Chinese and India neighbors?



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  1. It is a wonderful idea! why not publicize it? Lets start a group or may be something similar and reach to many people.

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