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You can’t improve what is inherently evil.

Taking cue from archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who said on the lines of “You cannot improve what is inherently evil.”

Let us add:

  • You can’t improve politicians who lose elections yet win power.
  • You can’t improve a political system that thrives on status quo and fear over you.
  • You can’t improve groups that fight on the lines of their caste and color of their skins or through their entitlements.
  • You can’t improve violent cultures. You can only replace them.
  • You can’t improve fear-driven, resigned minds. You can only replace them with youthfulness.
  • You can’t improve others without first improving yourself.

what if, a million job creation was the election mantra of a new common sense party in Nepal

A couple of What ifs:

  • a) What if some dynamic young leaders of different political parties decided to come together and start fresh and make a new party (the way kadima was formed in Israel).
  • b) What if they then, brought all the young social entrepreneurs and economic advisors into their core political team and make “a  million man job creation” their primary election agenda
  • c) What if they turned to the Non resident Nepalis for funding their organization through their website and transparently post their party spendings.
  • d) What if this youth party decided on “green” and “economic development” as vehicles for change!
  • e) What if the new “youth” party pitched in to form a dream team of national planning commission to put a  successful entrepreneur, a young social entrepreneur, a globalization expert and an environmental social entrepreneur.
  • f) What if this party restricts its leadership’s age limit to 50 years and below.
  • g) What if it advocated chinese, english, hindi, entrepreneurship, mathematics and “effective communication skills” as a pre-requisite subjects for all schoolers upto high school.
  • What if….. (add yours)